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MOSCOW, March 5. /TASS/. Composition, recorded a number of Russian pop stars, has nothing to do with the world Cup, which will be held in the country in 2018. TASS said one of the performers of the song Philip Kirkorov.

On Saturday, the network appeared the Amateur video, which shows that Kirkorov and Kristina Orbakaite, Sergey Lazarev and Denis Maydanov shoot at the stadium “Fisht” in Sochi video for the song dedicated to the upcoming world Cup. General Director of “Russia-2018” Alexei Sorokin said that the organizing Committee knows nothing about this composition.

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As told to a man, the initiative to record the clip belonged to Mikhail Gutseriev, who became the author of words and Vladimir Kiselyov, who has composed the music. “It’s not dedicated to something, I just wanted to combine sport and music, to make a beautiful work, to unite great artists, – said the interlocutor of the TASS. – What is timed, whether for the championship or any event, hard to say. And the fate of artworks in the hands of those for which we did, and generally working the audience”.

To the question whether there are ideas to appeal to the football authorities and try to make the song the official song of the tournament, the man replied, “I’m not the author, this is a question for those who created the song and initiated the shooting, I just support Kiselyov and Gutseriev. Like Bulgakov: “Never ask for anything! Themselves and offer themselves will give everything”. If work like, ask yourself”.

“I’ve never been a supporter of something official, unofficial. Everything is in the hands of the audience, the people. Love can not be. To sing an encore, and not of evil,” said people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

“Can improve the achievement of EURO 2008”

Kirkorov said with pride and excitement waiting in Russia such major events as the world Cup. “Like all Patriotic people in our country, I support our football, he added. – We had a wonderful performance in 2008, when the team reached the semifinals of the European championship, then the guys came heroes. If you really want and try, we can even surpass this achievement.”

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He also expressed confidence that the tournament will be organized at the highest level. “We all remember the Olympic games in Sochi – both were well-prepared country like we have adequately met the whole world. And in General, for many years we have passed worthy of many sports and cultural events. I’m sure all will be held at the highest level, and believe that our team is prepared adequately”, – said the interlocutor of the TASS.

As told to a man he has many friends from the world of football Alexander Kerzhakov, Vyacheslav Malafeev, Andrei Arshavin and Ivan Saenko. “Some of them have already retired from the sport, but, nevertheless, I have a very good relationship with them – they supported me in difficult minute and I will support them,” he said.

“As it happens, I do have a lot of friends from Zenit, but I wouldn’t stop with one team. Although, of course, and the city of St. Petersburg, and Zenit have a special place in my life. In General, I prefer to support our team in international tournaments. Here’s rooting for everyone and give energy to win,” added the artist.

The world Cup will be held in 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15, 2018.

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