MP of Ukraine, member of the Opposition bloc Sergiy Kivalov is in the lead at the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 135 th district in Odessa region with 40,55% at 9.09% of the counted protocols.

For him, as evidenced by the operational data of the Central election Commission should be a representative of the party “servant of the people” Alexey Leonov (32,16%).

For 137 district of Odessa region when counting for 6.5% of the protocols, the leader of the independent candidate Leonid Kim – 28,68%. Behind him is the Deputy of the faction “BPP” Alexey Goncharenko (25,16%).

138 the district where the estimate of 7.11% of protocols, the leadership belongs to the representative of the “public Servants” Stepan Cherniavsky, who orgonal the acting people’s Deputy from the group “will of the people” Ivan Fusina (of 20.08%).

For 139 district (Odessa region) counted a mean of 5.67% of the votes, while the leader of the “Servants of the people” Igor Vasylkivsky (34,79%). The candidate from “Opposition platform “For life” Vitaly Sautenkov 25.3 per cent and the independent candidate and MP Oleksandr Presman (group “Renaissance”) – 21,96%.