The General Prosecutor of Ukraine intends in the near future to interrogate former Minister of income and fees Alexander Klimenko and publish the relevant agenda in the newspaper “Uryadovy courier” .

Thus, according to the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, to publish the agenda and suggested the newspaper “Vesti”, the leadership of which, according to him, with A. Klimenko have family ties.

The chief military Prosecutor on his Facebook page on Friday night published a scanned copy of official letter of the General Prosecutor’s office with his signature to the editor of the newspaper “Vesti”, which reports that “in the near future the pre-trial investigation body will announce on the official call of a suspect A. Klimenko to the Prosecutor’s office with the aim of carrying with him the necessary procedural and investigative actions”.

“The call will be published in the newspaper “Uryadovy courier”. However, due to the kinship of the leadership of the newspaper “Vesti” with the suspect A. Klimenko, the Chief military Prosecutor’s office considers it necessary to send a copy of the call in your office. According to body of preliminary investigation, the publication specified the agenda of this media is the most effective way of transmitting information to the former Minister of revenues and duties of Ukraine. Given the public importance of the issue for Ukraine, we hope for fruitful cooperation”, – stated in the text of the letter.

As reported, on March 1 the judge of Goloseevsky district court of Kiev granted permission for the holding of a special pre-trial investigation in respect of A. Klimenko. The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that A. Klimenko suspected that from April 2012 to September 2013, occupying the post of Minister of incomes and fees, “consisting of established and led by Yanukovych V. F. criminal organization, abusing official position, acting from mercenary motives, by implementing developed the criminal plan and the criminal scheme took possession of the means of the state budget of Ukraine for the total amount 3,166 billion by illegal compensation of VAT to the accounts of fictitious enterprises, especially large size, which were distributed between members of criminal organizations.”