The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that the country’s intelligence agencies should make a contestant from Russia on “the Eurovision” Julia Samoylova in the list of persona non grata because of her visit to the Crimea.

According to the head of the Ukrainian diplomacy, Samoilova participated in the Eurovision song contest allegedly may be the next “Russian provocation”, and the security Service of Ukraine, with information on her visit to Crimea in June 2015, based on Ukrainian legislation to ban Russian singer entering the territory of the country, reports “Russian conversation”.

Klimkin added that the SBU has already Samoylova check for violation of the Ukrainian border crossing.

“The security service of Ukraine checks her statement. I believe that the law should be the same for everyone. Russia for many years engaged in provocations,” – said Klimkin .

We will remind, Yulia Samoilova took part in the concert event in the Crimea in the summer of 2015, visiting the Peninsula, crossing the Ukrainian border, as required by the laws of the country. In Ukraine, insist that this fact should not go unnoticed by the secret service and Samoilova should be denied entry into the country, like other Russian artists, “illegally” caught in the Crimea.