Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko reported found near Shulyavska bridge warehouse with more than a hundred munitions during the Second world war.

“Peace and security is the biggest dream of today for every Ukrainian. Because, unfortunately, almost every day we receive information about the wounded and dead of the defenders in the East of Ukraine. 76 years ago today liberated Kiev from Nazi invaders, but the echo of those events worried the people of Kiev so far. As, for example, a dangerous discovery near Shulyavska overpass in the capital. There is a utility that worked on the replacement of engineering networks, found a warehouse with hundreds of munitions during the Second world war”, – wrote Klitschko on his Facebook page.

He noted the work of rescuers of the State emergency service operational withdrawal and munitions to the landfill for disposal.

Klitschko added that the KP “Kievteploenergo” continued work on the replacement of engineering networks.

“Construction Shulyavska bridge continues, and we do everything to the end of the year to open vehicular traffic on the new bridge,” – said Klitschko.