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The price of gas be lower than now “Naftogaz” pays for European companies the reverse.

In the event of renewed cooperation “Naftogaz of Ukraine” with “Gazprom” the Russian gas price for Ukraine will be the lowest. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board “Naftogaz” Andrew KOBOLEV, speaking on air of the 5th channel.

According to him, the price will be lower than that now “Naftogaz” pays for European companies the reverse, because after the decision of the Stockholm arbitration the formula for calculating the price of blue fuel will be reviewed.

“The formula will be changed dramatically. It is now not only less than the price which requires of us “Gazprom”. But it is less than the price that Ukraine currently pays for gas, which we buy in Europe”, – quotes the head of Naftogaz ZN,ua .

At the same time, specific numbers, neither the Ukrainian nor the Russian side to announce the not be able before the final decision of the Stockholm court, said KOBOLEV.

As reported, “Naftogaz” has received the decision of the Stockholm arbitration proceedings against the Russian “Gazprom” on gas supply contract. According to the head of “Naftogaz” Andrey KOBOLEV, the arbitral Tribunal fully dismissed the claims of “Gazprom” on the principle “take or pay”.