It should be noted that Mamayev made a statement of admission of guilt in the incident with the driver Vitaly Solovchuk, which he has apologized, reports “Russian conversation” with reference to “Interfax”.

“The punishment that we had already served in jail — most likely, it is deserved, but I would like this to be limited. (…) We, my opinion, the punishment he has already served. I would like to quickly return to the sport — being in a prison with each passing day moves us away from that goal,” said Mamaev.

In addition, Alexander Kokorin asked the court to grant him the opportunity “to return to his family and to continue to do what you love”. He apologized “to society,” the team, the coaching staff of “Zenit” and his family and friends.

“The time we spent in jail — I will not say that it is natural — but for us it was a lesson for life: it was something to think about, play some points. Although I believe that this is some kind of cosmic time for me,” said the footballer.

As for brother Cyril Alexander Kokorin, he fully admitted his guilt for a misdemeanor.

“Repent? Yes, I do. I have four times apologized. Maybe I don’t want to hear. I have 40 books read in prison, I’ve not so much read, your honor” — the words quoted Kokorin “the Media”. He said he wants to be released, “to see at least the sky is blue, continue to learn, continue to live.”

Coach Alexander Protasowicki, said that he was in custody seven months, and the Prosecutor’s demand “for three shots is too much.”

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in the Presnensky court held pleadings in the case of the players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev, Kirill Kokorin and Alexander Pratasavickaja.

Recall that the RFU do not expect the resumption of a sports career Kokorin and Mamaev.