Oleg Sentsov

Earlier, the Ukrainian side has ruled out the terrorist “DNR” from the list on the exchange.

The results of the Russian witness in the case about the crash of MH17 , Vladimir Tzemach was included in the exchange Fund Director Oleg Sentsov. On this edition of “Kommersant” was told by “an informed source in Kiev”.

In the middle of summer when he was working on the preparation and coordination of lists on both sides, the Ukrainian side struck out Vladimir Tzemach from your list. He was in the exchange list at number 34. It after he fell, talking about the formula of sharing “33 33”. Moscow, tells Kommersant’s source, did the mirror: Russian retired list convicted on charges of terrorism Director Oleg Sentsov.

Immediately after came the news that a court in Kiev released Tzemach under the personal obligation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the negotiations for the exchange of “close to finalization”.

Moreover, the number of subject exchange of people from both sides can grow, specifies the edition.

The message that Russia and Ukraine agreed to exchange held by citizens according to the formula “33 on 33” appeared on August 22.

At the end of last week the media, citing the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka here said that the Russian side has released Oleg Sentsov, captured in the Kerch Strait sailors and several prisoners. Later in the SBU said that the negotiation process continues.

In the Office Zelensky promised to disseminate information “through official channels” when the process of mutual liberation of detained persons to be completed.