Ukrainian businessman, the former head of the party “DILL” Gennady Korban said that the European court of human rights (ECtHR) has ruled illegal the arrest of 2015 and the violation against him the presumption of innocence.

“Today the European court of human rights issued its decision on my complaint. The process lasted about four years. On all counts, the ECHR found that I was right,” wrote the Korban on his page on the social network Facebook on Thursday.

According to him, the court ruled that his detention on 31 October 2015 “is executed in the format of a military operation” and detention.

“The trial, which lasted from 26 to 28 December, with virtually no break – also declared illegal. Violation of the right to a fair trial violated the presumption of innocence in relation to me and more. The operative part consists of 9 paragraphs,” wrote the Korban.

As a next step, the businessman announced the filing of a complaint in the expanded chamber of the ECHR. “To prove political persecution as the leader of the political parties DILL at the moment,” he explained.

Korban also said that is not specifically asked for payment, he must pay the state of Ukraine. “I think it would be wrong to punish the state,” he wrote.

As reported, Gennady Korban was detained October 31, 2015. On 4 November he reported on suspicion of committing crimes stipulated by part 1 of Art. 255 (creating and participating in a criminal organization), part 3 of article 157 (obstructing the work of election commissions), part 5 of article 191 (referring to the misappropriation of funds in especially large sizes of the charitable organization “Foundation for the defense of the country”), part 2 of article 289 and article 349 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (we are talking about the capture in Dnepropetrovsk as hostages the Chairman Goszemagentstva of Ukraine and Director of the Department of the Dnipropetrovsk city Council). G. Korban was elected a measure of restraint in the form of house arrest, which expires on December 31.

Dec 28, Dniprovskiy district court of Kiev made the decision to change the measure of restraint G. Korban from house arrest to detention for a period of 60 days. Meeting to change the measure of restraint lasted for several days.

In 2017, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko reported that the court found Corbin guilty and sentenced him to probation.

According to media reports, the Korban in April 2016, appealed to the ECHR. In his opinion, the Ukrainian authorities have violated the provisions of article 3 (prohibition of torture and cruel treatment), article 5 (right to liberty and security of person), article 6 (right to a fair trial), article 18 (limitation on use of restrictions on rights) in conjunction with article 5 of the European Convention on human rights.