The Kosovo police conducts anti-corruption RAID

Pristina for the first time have taken such action against Belgrade. In the Serbian foreign Ministry called the move Kosovo “unprecedented.”

The Kosovo authorities decided to close the entry into its territory for all officials from Serbia. On Thursday, July 4, said the broadcaster RTS.

According to the spokesman of the foreign Ministry of Kosovo Edlira Subera, such decision was accepted from-for “threats to Kosovo from Serbia, the constant propaganda and fake news and attempts to provoke a humanitarian crisis in the North of the country.”

Zuberi noted that Kosovo’s Serb population has been forced to close their businesses is through the political goals of Belgrade.

“The Ministry of foreign Affairs will not allow any officials from Belgrade to visit Kosovo and such applications will be rejected until will continue such behavior,” he said.

It is noted that Pristina for the first time have taken such action against Serbia.

In turn, the portal B92 reports that the foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic expressed his indignation at such a step, Kosovo and called it “unprecedented.” According to him, it is about the violation of all civilized norms, the EU and the international community shamefully silent.

According to Dacic, the prohibition of Pristina Serbian isolates the population from any influence from Belgrade.

Earlier in June it became known that Serbia is ready to invade Kosovo, if the international community does not protect Serbs who live there.

At the end of may in Kosovo there were collisions of Serbs with the police, after the local police have arrested in the Northern municipalities of the region 13 of the Serbs, mostly police officers and customs officers suspected of corruption and smuggling weapons. Aware of the use of firearms and wounded on both sides.

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