The Minister of labour gave an example.

The Minister of labour Irina Kostevich broadcast ONT cited data on the numbers of women until the child reaches three years of age go to work.

“Leave to care for a child under three years is not a duty to be three years, that’s right. Everyone decides how to use it right. My first child, maternity leave was two years, the second child is a year and four months, and I went to work. The decision of the woman. Not, of course, to say definitely. We looked at the figures — for a full day ahead of schedule left only 3% of women who were on maternity leave. Here at the scales necessary to put the problem in kindergarten”.

The host of the program asked the Minister why she gave birth to a third child. Irina Kostevich said that the second child is the desire of her husband and that the passage of time, regrets that it was not decided at the birth of the third child.

Irina Kostevich acknowledged that nursery where you can give the child up to three years, is not enough, but this issue requires study.

“Today, up to three years, with 68 thousand children attend kindergartens. Here imbalance that requires reflection and study. But that’s right. If a woman is aimed at family, children, career growth, it is possible to provide. The main thing that was desire,” — said the Minister.