In the Ukrainian TV channel Kravchuk has said that Ukraine has with Russia almost 2 thousand kilometres of common border, reports “Russian
The dialogue”.

“We must not forget,
what we have with Russia. We have to live with Russia as partners. To learn to live with partners,” he said

He noted that Kiev has gone astray, saying “goodbye” with Russia, though
continued to bargain.

“Without dialogue
with the Kremlin, without dialogue with the politicians of Russia, we will not be able to install normal
relations with Russia. Second, divide (idea – ed.) have the Kremlin and Russia. I’ve played and will play…: need to establish a dialogue
Ukraine and Russia”, –
concluded Kravchuk.

He also urged to prove, that the opinion of certain
politicians (it was about Viktor Medvedchuk) is wrong, and then make a decision.

Earlier Kravchuk ridiculed the intention Poroshenko to return
in the administration of the President as the new leader of Ukraine, and recommended Vladimir
Zelensky listen to the people.