Alexey Kravtsov

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MOSCOW, March 12. /TASS/. The national team of Russia in speed skating faced certain problems during the pre-Olympic season, but all because of objective reasons. About this TASS said the head of the Russian skating Union (TFR) Alexey Kravtsov.

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The final of the world Cup speed skating took place in Stavanger, Norway, on 11-12 March. Russian Denis yuskov won the second place in the overall world Cup standings in the 1,500 m, Ruslan Murashov became the second 500 meters. According to the results of the world championship on separate distances in Gangneung (South Korea), the Russians won three medals – yuskov (silver in 1,500 m), Murashov (bronze at 500 m), and Natalia Voronina, Olga Graf and Yekaterina Shikhova (bronze in the team race) .

Russian national team leader Pavel Kulizhnikov, who is recovering from injuries missed as the world championship in Gangneung and the world championship in sprint all-round in calgary, Canada.

“The season for our skaters was difficult, now it is already obvious that this season the team has undergone a big decline, – said Kravtsov. – In the final of the world Cup the boys performed significantly worse than we expected – from the same Denis Uskova we waited for more successful performance. The Russian team was a difficult season in psychological terms, moreover, there were many diseases and top athletes missed quite a lot of training blocks. Overall it was not originally planned to spend this season to the limit, but the decline was much greater than expected”.

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Skater Murashov became second in the overall world Cup standings at the distance of 500 m

According to the head of the TFR, the results of the national team of Russia in the pre-Olympic season should not be dramatized.

“In my opinion, no drama in this, – said Kravtsov. – It is clear that in the next season, factors in this season affect the preparation of athletes would be significantly lower. The coaching staff and athletes have made some conclusions, and skaters are already thinking, how to work in the Olympic season. In General, we are already looking to next season, and it will be important Olympic”.