The Pushkin Museum. Pushkin your audience loves. Constantly trying to surprise him with something new. Here the visitors are now offered the project “the Impressionists Pushkin”, which introduces them to the art of the late XIX – early XX century on the example of the 10 paintings from the Museum’s collection. The “trick” of the project is that it includes a virtual walk-through, test and audio-recorded by famous actors and musicians.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Among them: Ivan Urgant, Ilze Liepa, Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Polina Gagarin, Sergey Shnurov, Xenia Sobchak, Dmitry Malikov, Roma Beast, Tree and Kirill Ivanov (group SBPCH). They voiced descriptions of works by Vincent van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Paul cézanne, Henri Rousseau and Paul Signac .

To see the pictures of you in a virtual reality, having made a tour through the halls of the art Galleries of Europe and America XIX–XX centuries, and listen to the audio guide. The application is available in VR mode for viewing with glasses or virtual reality helmet.

After listening to the audio guide, users of the popular social network can test themselves on the knowledge of creative artists. For successfully passing the test participants will receive badges to your profile pictures on the network.

– In Pushkin is the month of the Impressionists, says Museum Director Marina Loshak. – The first exhibition of artists-innovators, which subsequently became known as “Impressionists” took place in April 1874, in the Paris Studio of the photographer Nadar. The emotional works of the masters of this direction very soon won the interest and recognition from the public. The collection of works by the great Impressionists and post-Impressionists, represented in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin can be considered one of the outstanding collections of the world.