In the official microblogging “Instagram” Ksenia Sobchak, a new publication, under which the star told fans that she doesn’t like living by someone else’s rules. Network users more confused not the statement presenter and the manner in which it is filed, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Of course, I know how to behave normally. But it’s incredibly boring. Right food, right behavior, the right words and actions, but in the end you’re all tied up inside and fell asleep. It is better to stand up and**at a table than to live “right” by someone else’s rules. You don’t owe anyone anything. Including – to create the impression” – wrote in the microblog TV presenter.

Network users absolutely did not like saying star, so they began to leave their angry comments:

“I don’t owe anyone anything – it seems that our government thinks so, and therefore You, Ksenia, so eager to get”,

“And Your whole way of life is built on this: s**t everywhere and for all”

“I hope this banter. **AMB on the table – it’s Yours, right? I agree that we should live by their rules, but these rules should create about you positive experience in the community, not negative.”

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Ksenia Sobchak showed bare Breasts and excited the Network frames. It is also known that Xenia Sobchak has reacted to the news of the intentions of the actor Eric Roberts.