The head of the Ukrainian delegation in Minsk tripartite contact group Leonid Kuchma criticized the “formula of Stanimira”, defines the mechanism of granting of the special status of Donbass. The corresponding statement he made during a meeting with students of Chernihiv national University, according to the Russian Dialogue.

In his opinion, the plan of the President of Germany will not bring the cessation of hostilities in the East of Ukraine, because he “is not a plan for peace”.

“This is a political formula: what if we depress the Ukrainians, they agree to it, and we turn around… at all to take us away,” said the former head of the Ukrainian state.

Comca opposed the holding of local elections in Donbas to withdraw from these territories of foreign troops and the establishment of the Ukrainian security forces control over the Russian-Ukrainian border.

In addition, he considers categorically invalid the provision of the special status of Donbass, as this, according to him, will lead to a confederal structure of Ukraine.

The restoration of the war-ravaged Donbass Kuchma evaluated not less than 100 billion euros.

Note that granting the Donbas special status spelled out in the Minsk agreements. They also said that the Ukrainian side will get control of the border until the next day after the election. Thus, the above-mentioned statement Kuchma directly contrary to the “Minsk-2”.

Recall President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Kiev implementeret “formula Steinmeier” in the legislation only on the condition that the agreements reached at the summit of leaders “Channel four”. The German President can be established in the new law on the special status of Donbass, which will be engaged in the Verkhovna Rada.