Alexander Usik and Anatoly Lomachenko


Sports news: the Ukrainian won 11 of the 12 rounds of the fight against Murat Gassieva

Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik (15-0, 11 KO’s) became the absolute champion of the world after the final battle WBSS vs Murat Gassieva (26-1, 19 KO’s). But boxer would be difficult to do that without Anatoly Lomachenko in the corner of the ring. That prompted coach Barb during the battle?

After the first round

“Wait, when he will rush your task – to catch on the run”.

After the second round

“Pulled – shook. You got it, you get off when he punches the side. Keep ahead of the handle, not raspalsya”.

After the third round

“All is well – he is tired. See, it catches stupid. Pulled – shook. The offset, when you shifted, his left non-hazardous”.

After the fourth round

“You do not relax, your job is to score points”.

After the fifth round

“There’s nothing he can do . He was very attacking, Yes, it happened, but you broke. No impact from it. You need to be fresh. One more thing – do a re-attack.”

After the sixth round

“Look very carefully in the beginning and the last 10 seconds. Hear repeated attacks, Sania, get him.”

After the seventh round

“Closely. It is not necessary to show that the below the waist hit – it’s not your fault. No one will be spared, no one is going to give. It is necessary to stretch, it needs to be in the air to be substituted is not necessary.”

After the eighth round

“Be careful. What were we talking about? Your job is three. See he’s next to you gets hit once or twice max. Then you need to catch when he is struck”.

After the ninth round

“Why don’t you spin group right Sania? Grouping to the right, turned around, block the top. See, he is disarmed, until the end decreti do not get involved. On seredynetske, hands in front of him. All right, a little further. He already sits. The most important thing – you’re starting to disturb him. Attack again and he did not understand. Will korazim, korazim, Sania”.

After the eleventh round

“Full concentration full concentration. Remember 15 rounds. Let’s go.”

As a result, Cirrus has won 11 of 12 rounds on the judges ‘ notes and became the first ever winner of the trophy Muhammad Ali.

Recall, the Cirrus has admitted that he would like to see Lomachenko Sr. as his trainer.