Husband Ksenia Borodina showed fans the face of his little daughter.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

The star couple has three children – Mary, Omar and Theon. The youngest daughter was born relatively recently, and the parents tried to hide her face. And Xenia, and media frequently publish photos and videos with the baby, but her face was not visible. Fans have long begged the couple to show Theon, and my parents finally listened to requests.

Recently, Borodin showed a picture of the baby seen in profile. Today is the spouse of a leading “House-2” has decided to please its subscribers with a new snapshot. Lobster captures his wife, who holds a little Theon on his hands. The girl’s face visible only in profile, but quite clearly.

Subscribers were delighted from the pictures. Many people immediately decided to find out which of your parents like baby . Some say that the girl managed to father, while others claim that Theon is a small replica of a famous mother and is similar to older sister Mary. It is possible that such disputes will be resolved, when the couple will publish some pictures where Theon will be seen better.