About Ankara informed Washington.

Kurdish forces have left the security zone in Northern Syria. About Ankara informed Washington, reports Reuters. The Ministry of national defence of Turkey declares that to start another operation in the area at this stage is not necessary. At the same time, the Turkish foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that the suspension of military operations in the North of Syria does not mean that it is completely ended and the Turkish military is ready to leave the region, reports Radio Liberty.

In turn, Vice-President Mike Pence said that the departure of the Kurds, he was informed by chief of the defence force of Syria. Penny thanked the Kurdish coalition partners for assistance in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state”. The Vice President also noted that the US and allies have achieved the goals in the fight against the jihadists, and now American military can go home.

Part of the American soldiers was deployed to Iraq. Today there arrived the Secretary of defense mark Esper. He will discuss with Iraqi authorities the periods of U.S. troops in Iraq. Earlier, Baghdad said that the us troops withdrawn from Syria do not have permission to stay in the country and can be there only in transit.

The presidents of Turkey and Russia , Erdogan and Vladimir Putin meeting in Sochi agreed that Turkey and Russia will jointly monitor the Syrian-Turkish border to the East of the Euphrates river. Turkish troops will patrol part of the 30-kilometer zone near the border, which was under their control as a result of the operation launched by Ankara in Northern Syria in early October. In the remaining part of the 30-kilometer zone will be imposed by the Russian military police. After the withdrawal of the Kurds there will be a joint Russian-Turkish patrols near the border. On the very border returns Syrian border guards under the control of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Turkey launched a military operation against Kurds in Northern Syria on October 9. Ankara considers armed Kurdish terrorists. Washington, in contrast, believes the Kurds and their allies in the fight against “Islamic state”.

On October 17 Turkey and the United States agreed to suspend for 120 hours of military operation of Ankara in the region that Kurdish militias were able to leave the area of hostilities. October 22, the leadership of the Syrian Kurds is reported that withdrew its troops from the 30-kilometer zone near the border with Turkey. American troops in Syria have left the areas adjacent to the Turkish border, and in part controlled by the Kurds districts joined Assad’s troops.