The Austrian freedom party wants to terminate the cooperation agreement with “United Russia”.

“The Austrian freedom party (fpö, FPÖ) once again wants to rule – at least that wing of the party leader Norbert Hofer and head of the upper Austrian branch of the party of Manfred Heimbucher, – writes the edition Kurier (translation . – Hofer (…) announced that he intends to obtain from the Board of APS the order for conducting the negotiations on the establishment of the government, if negotiations between the Austrian people’s party (övp, ÖVP) and “green” fail”.

But first Hofer to restore order in his own party – and here the role can play a question of new relations with Russia, said the journalist Daniela Kettner.

“In an interview with the Sunday edition of the Kurier Heimbucher raised the issue that the APS should terminate its cooperation agreement with Putin’s party “United Russia”. (…) “I advocate a policy that, first and foremost, represents the interests of Austria. This means that we are against sanctions against Russia, but the cooperation agreement with the Russian party in Austria,” he said. In his opinion, it is impossible to transform Russian politics in local internal politics,” the publication reports.

“Heimbigner touched, which was a serious problem during the reign of ANP and the MTA: the reliability of Austria as a Pro-European country and a Western partner. (…) Searches at the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution and counter-terrorism at the Herbert Cycle and the related confiscation of confidential documents, embarrassing overtures Karin Kneissl in front of Vladimir Putin and the obvious closeness of the APS to Russia led to the fact that Austria was transformed into a security threat and were cut off from their partners in the security services”.

“In some circles, the APS even rumors of when the motives of the traps, which came from Heinz-Christian strache in Ibiza, with its proximity to Russia. (…) They say that in 2017 the Western intelligence agencies have allegedly set a trap for strache in Ibiza to find out the ways in which Russian money coming hostile to the EU right populist parties in Europe. Supposedly originally it was not planned to publish the video, but when APS came to government and made it a dangerous leak, the decision was made to discredit the fpö as a party of government, throwing the German media resonance passages of fantasy strache of power”, – writes the edition.

“I completely reject such a thesis is impossible. The ex-President of the Federal intelligence service of Germany August Henning said on the TV channel n-tv may 20, two days after the publication of the video, the video with strache was manufactured by intelligence service”.

Search Russian propaganda money would be at least a plausible motive, the newspaper notes. “Proper would be the political background: in June 2016, the Brits unexpectedly voted for “Brickset” that shook the foundations of Europe. The Agency suggested that it was Russian influence, to the detriment of the EU. (…) A few days ago Pro-European parties (European people’s party, the Party of European socialists, liberals and greens) brought to a vote in the European Parliament a resolution calling on the Commission to strengthen measures against hostile towards the EU propaganda from abroad. Literally it refers to “deep concern about the extremely dangerous nature of Russian propaganda.” 469 parliamentarians voted in favour, 143 against. Among them: an active supporter of the “Brekzita” Farage and Harald Vilimsky (Secretary-General of APS – Prim. ed.)”.