As transfers on Tuesday, August 20, “the Russian
Dialogue”, on the island of Iturup discovered a network of underground tunnels.

The discovery was made by the expedition of “Eastern Bastion
Kuril ridge”. Researchers believe that the passages were dug in
the Second world war.

“The participants of the expedition in the course of prospecting works on the island
Iturup discovered a network of underground tunnels, allegedly built during the
The second world war. Studied about 100 meters underground. In the course of excavations
discovered the mug 1953 issue with the image of a star,” says
the press service of the Eastern military district.

In addition, in the Gulf of the Whale found a sunken wooden
Japanese schooner built in 30-40-ies of the last century. It is 60-80
metres from the shore. At low tide part of the wreck appears out of the water. It
it is also planned to explore.

Previously, “Russian conversation” published work
the Japanese leadership on the topic of territorial belonging of the Kuril

It was also reported on the reaction of the Russian foreign
agencies on controversial Olympic map of Japan.