Emir Kusturica

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YALTA, July 23. /TASS/. Famous Serbian filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica considers the reunification of the Peninsula with Russia a natural, organic process, urging residents not to wait for external approval of the decision, and to develop the region as part of the great Russia.

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He stated this Sunday at a briefing in Yalta before the concert of the band The No Smoking Orchestra, where he plays the guitar.

“The world (is) forces, which divide, and on the other side connecting. When Crimea became Russia, I thought it was always Russia. I’m here to see Crimea, Yalta, which, in the connections group. There had been no war, there was a referendum in which the people said, “We want to live with Russia .” It’s an organic process, and I’m sure it had to be done,” – said Kusturica.

In his opinion, the people of the region should not expect that Western countries recognized the Russian Crimea. “No need to wait what they will say […], you need to do what you do: a huge airport, good roads, communications, and the Crimea is as beautiful as it is, your life is in your hands. They (the West) think, this is not important,” – said the musician.

According to him, the confirmation that the Crimea is part of Russia, is the life of the inhabitants of the region, their culture. “Confirmation that you are a Russia – this is your life, your culture. What can you say (another) people […] – Crimea Russia or not? […] It doesn’t matter, because you are part of great Russia, you did what you had to do you said you wanted to say, you said, “Yes,” – said Kusturica.

He also admitted that he always considered the Russian Crimea, before the referendum in March 2014. “When the Crimea became a Russian, I thought he was always Russian,” said the musician.

Kusturica also promised in 2018 to visit Sevastopol. He also said to journalists in Yalta, where will be his only concert in the Crimea.

“The next year – possible (will visit Sevastopol),” said the musician, responding to a question. After Crimea, according to him, he would go to Banja Luka (a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina), then take part in the festival in London. “Then it will be China, Japan, Korea, Russia, France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil,” – said Kusturica.

According to him, the concert of his band The No Smoking Orchestra – till the end of the year. “Yalta is one of the first to hear the new album of my band it will be a premiere that will be in Europe then,” said he.

The Director also confirmed he would look into the sights of the Crimea for a possible shooting of his film, and promised that if you do this, then it will take off the Crimean girls. “If the Crimea will be, the girls will be the Crimea”, – said Kusturica.

Emir Kusturica – Serbian film Director, whose works are marked “Gold palm branch” Cannes film festival “Silver bear” at Berlin festival, “Silver lion” Venice film festivals. In the folk group The No Smoking Orchestra, which account for more than ten plates, Kusturica plays guitar.

In Crimea, the musician arrived on Sunday, he will give a concert in Yalta, and see the sights of the Peninsula.