The format of the festival show cases when hundreds or even thousands of musicians from different countries perform together at several venues, with each year becoming more popular all over the world. One of the most striking examples — South by Southwest in Texas, the review of which came out last year in “Megabyte”. In Russia this was, of course, V-Rox Ilya Lagutenko, held 5 years in Vladivostok. In 2015 this event first took place in Yekaterinburg under the name of Ural Music Night. “W.” finally made it to the Urals, to personally assess the scale of what is happening.


Heilung (Denmark).

This town became a music Mecca back in 1986 when it formed the legendary Sverdlovsk rock club. Leaders his first festival were the group “Nautilus Pompilius”, “Chaif”, “Track” and “Sphinx” . And the three pillars on which it is held, called poet, philosopher and translator Ilya Kormiltsev (who wrote the lyrics for “NAU”, Nastia Poleva, “Urfin juse”, etc.), composer Alexander Pantykin and Creator of the organization Nikolai Grahovo. Although its existence it ceased in 1991, her characters came into the story, continuing the glorious rock-n-roll way. Later, the city has created a new wave of artists playing indie music — such as “Samsara”, “Both”, “Kurara”, RSAC Felix Bondarev, Alai Oli. Although most of them moved to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, they keep coming back and actively advocate in his native city. For example, this year striking the sets at the festival played “Samsara” and “Kurara”.

Oleg Yagodin (“Kurara”). Photo: Aleksandr Osipov

On the very first “Night of music” in 2015 gathered 70 000 people in 2017 — already 150 000. This — 2500 musicians have performed in Yekaterinburg on 100 sites in front of 200,000 guests. One of the unusual innovations was the stage, located right at the entrance to the airport, where guests were welcomed by the group “Dancing cotton”, Odree and VIA “Tatiana”. The latter has long been known on the domestic stage, the ensemble of seven graduates of the musical theatre and Metropolitan universities, performing songs and romances 1930-1960-ies. The participants of “Dancing cotton” called its performance “jazz dance-performance”, and Odree promote “independence of thinking” in texts and music. Already on the first melodies and chords it was obvious that the actors here are playing different kinds of music, not limited to stylistic and formatting framework.

Alexander Gagarin (“Samsara”). Photo: Aleksandr Osipov

VLADIMIR SHAHRIN: “Hope that young people continue to take up tools”

The permanent leader of group “CHajf” flew home from a tour and came to a welcome press conference to support the Creator of the “Night music” Eugene Gorenburg and hold journalists a short tour by boat on the river Iset. The actor spoke about the famous Sevastyanov’s house, built in the style of neo-Gothic, neo-Baroque and Moorish traditions, about the construction of the Yeltsin centre, Yekaterinburg circus, where he leads grandchildren, concert theatre “Kosmos” Church on the Blood, grew on the site of the execution of the Royal family, about their fantasies about marching athletes coming to the stadium “Dynamo” (once they finally materialized), and showed where my mother lives Vyacheslav Butusova. Over the last few decades of rock-n-roll musician have already developed their clear creative optics, the ability to identify current trends, what the “W.” had a little chat with him at the meeting.

— Vladimir, you have a lot of years as head of the Yekaterinburg festival “Old New Rock”. Is it possible to call this event his successor?

— Some years ago, when Yevgeny Gorenburg told me about the idea of the festival, I said honestly: “I don’t know how that’s possible, so I will not be a part of this,” and merged, jumped on the bandwagon. Now I realize that all failed, it turned out about the event I asked the journalists across the country. This year I wrote your personal guide to the city, and there’s a Chapter about the most interesting festivals of Ekaterinburg, which opens the story is about Ural Music Night. There is something to listen, to watch. Of course, time is short, and sites are many, but really interesting to explore more.

— Not so long ago released film Evgeniya Grigoryeva “the Prophet” — in fact, documentary history, where you and Sergey Robocom and Alexander by Pantycelyn select three young bands and see what happens with them for several years. Although they are given a camera each — the money clip and the ability to Express themselves, the guys really do not achieve anything. At the same time, we see today’s festival, where in addition foreign guests are quite successful and the local team. Still, there is “the young punks”, which you sang? Is there still hope for new heroes?

The hope is that young people still rely on hand tools, compose music, poems, and that’s good. If you have the desire, motivation — so there is a chance of success, and that the scene will evolve. Speaking of film, if you mean that these groups are not made a universal breakthrough, there are questions: “who are the judges?” and “what is meant by the breakthrough?”. There are no common standards, common criteria. Everyone has their own way, its plank, its speed, so any rating here is not objective.

When I watched the film after release, looked at the whole story, finally convinced that we made the right choice. This is a good group. All three teams are completely different, all interesting, many of my friends pay attention to them. Personally, I liked the “Gorodok Chekistov”, while others said Cosmic Latte, the third — “Himself Joe.” No one was left without attention. They make good music, and that’s a lot.

We played Samara in the fan zone after the match Russia—Uruguay, before going on stage the host asked me: “How do you imagine the people’s, honored artist?..” I said, “And I don’t have any titles.” Regalia completely unimportant. Here there is a Playground at the festival, where are the graduates of the Ural Music Camp — the boys from across the country who were engaged in during the week in the professional music camp and prepared their concert programs. And many interesting things to hear.

Horned Danes, the African “local boys” and “old Russian D’n’b”

Rock, ethnic, experimental music, jazz, lounge, hip-hop, synth-pop, garage — the audience had to choose from, in different sites, everyone can find music to their taste. Concerts played by artists from 26 countries representing Serbia, Moldova, great Britain, Germany, Austria, Spain, South Africa and others At the festival for the first time made a large-scale disco, where several thousand people danced to a song of Joy, Arabesque and Baccara. One of the most unusual was the performance of Hungarian Duo Julia Kubinyi & Balazs Szokolay Dongo. Singer Julia Kubin grew up in a family whose history is closely connected with folklore, became a soloist of the state folk ensemble in Budapest and artistic Director of the Fono Buda music house in Vienna. Balazs Dongo Sokolay absolutely crazy plays improvised music on various wind instruments (flutes, bagpipes, DUDUK, tarogato, Kavala). What they do together, more like a strange soundtrack to the film about a parallel world, than a traditional speech. No less unusual was the stage for the team from South Africa Abafana Bakamqumeni, whose name translates as “Local boys”. They join the national African music and dance with a modern twist that looks colorful and funny at the same time.

In “Night music” at the lit venues and artists, who are now ahead of the rest on the stage today. The excitement was caused by the performance of the rapper Paduka (Insarov Fedor). The famous Yekaterinburg “Plotinka” — the place of celebrations and folk festivals — it was not crowded, and the audience, who turned on an impressive distance from the scene, at first did not understand, did the artist or the music playing in the recording, but when it became clear that the hero began the concert, enthusiastically shouted. In 2013 he wrote the title track for the film Anton Bormatova “violence around Football”, which became the informal anthem of “okolofutbolnyh” brought him popularity in right-wing circles. However, the massive success came to the artist only in 2017, when he released together with LJ song “Pink wine”, not once led subsequently ZD Charts.

Another star of Ural Music Night was Narimono Theophanes, the party is perhaps all the alternative festivals this summer, which “W.” also found on “Audition” and “Wild Mint”. The participants of the project — he himself, always hiding the face under that hood, DJ Nicodemus and the Bear. In the concert part of them is also the drummer Amatory Daniil Svetlov. Your style they are referred to as “ancient Russian drum and bass”. The most famous phrase of the songs — “I stamp down the field”, and the main attraction is that the leader of the group asks “heroes” on this very makeshift field to go to two parties and then run at each other wall to wall. “Only the red girls to stay away!” warns the artist. So far, fortunately, during the ride, not a single “hero” and no “fair maiden” was not injured.

One more alternative headliners of the “new wave” of an entirely different kind — a group of “Gromyko” from Petrozavodsk, participants of which are dressed as members of the Politburo on the background of a portrait of famous political figure and sing songs with texts in the spirit of Kharms. By the way, big fans of the latter are the band Fire Granny. These guys (graduates of the famous workshop of Oleg Kudryashov, whence came many interesting actors and musicians) recently said about himself — performing a self-ironic retro rock in the images of the ridiculous and absurd guys from the past.

A welcome visitor was the Emir Kusturica with his No Smoking Orchestra, which for many, many years, never ceases to collect many thousands of rooms, and to sustain interest in his Balkan creation. Concert and DJ set played Ivan Dorn.

But most of all, becoming a truly unique discovery, “W.” was struck by the speech of the Danish collective Heilung, who had never played in Russia. The members of the team, published in the twilight on the stage of the drama Theatre, closed scary mask, a head vocalist was wearing the antlers, the bodies of some were covered with animal skins, others were with bare torsos in loincloths, beating rhythms on drums made of leather. Their performances, in which recreated scenes from the Viking and iron ages, became popular in Europe (e.g. the British magazine Metal Hammer called their performance one of the best concerts of 2017). The name of the group translates as “healing.” The basis of the songs become incantations, spells on the ancient European languages, the texts of charms and rune stones. Hall they converted into a space for ritual action, which is impregnated with mystical sounds and smell of incense. All this energy can be called a true pagan metal, only running without guitars. Nearly two hours the audience sat transfixed, and in the final, many have got up from their seats and began to dance along with the Danish ones.

Gala-concert “Dawn”. Photo: Aleksandr Osipov

Out on the street after the infernal show, the audience is plunged into a completely different atmosphere: on the square played Therr Maitz led by Anton Belyayev and then the most proof remained on gala-a concert “Dawn”, which saw the sun rise and sang “sunshine gold”. This is such a kind and a little naive tradition of the festival, thanks to which Yekaterinburg for one day turns into a raging voices and sounds musical universe.