Emir Kusturica

© AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

NEW YORK, February 12. /TASS./ Serbian film Director Emir Kusturica respects Russian President Vladimir Putin for what he “had raised Russia from its knees.” He told this in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

“My attitude to Vladimir Putin is very clear – I respect him. We met several times, one day I received from him the order (in 2016 Kusturica was awarded the Russian order of Friendship). I respect him because he raised Russia from its knees. All that he said in the West, is a pure lie,” – said Kusturica .

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In conversation with the correspondent of the publication he also said that sometimes his sympathy for Russia and its President cause a negative reaction from his European and American colleagues. One example of this attitude is the discussion of the jury at the Venice film festival his latest tape “the milky way” (2017).

“One of the members of the jury, an American, said that the film can not qualify for any awards, because it has elements that make it hostile to the West,” – said Kusturica. According to him, the judge was wrong, as in fact he does not adhere to the anti-American views, but it does not and how “intelligence agencies and the media are very aggressive trying to get everyone to hate Russia”.

Emir Kusturica – well known Serbian film Director, winner of two “Golden palm branches” at the Cannes film festival and dozens of other awards. World fame brought him the tape “do you Remember Dolly bell?”(1981), “Daddy business trip” (1985) and “time of the Gypsies” (1988).

In addition to directing, in his tapes Kusturica often acts as a screenwriter and composer, and in the film “the milky way” he also played a major role. As a guitarist Kusturica plays in the band The No Smoking Orchestra, also he wrote a collection of short stories “a Hundred evils.”

Since 2008, Kusturica holds the international film and music festival “Kustendorf”, which takes place in a specially built village Drvengrad on the border of Serbia with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The streets in it are named in honor of the people he Kusturitsa considers outstanding. Among them inventor Nicola Tesla, the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, footballer Diego Maradona, Directors Federico Fellini, Andrei Tarkovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov.