A group of schoolchildren living in the Kuzbass city of Berezovsky, a self-image managed to track down the criminal-the thief and helped police in the arrest.

According to “Russian conversation” about it it became known from the message of the regional Department of internal Affairs.

Male juvenile stole some money and decided to punish the attacker, their own “passing” into the hands of law enforcement.

According to the victims, they left their jackets on one of those backyard pull-up bars themselves stayed close. An unknown man approached the clothes and went home with the money, rummaging in his pockets.

“The students were divided into two groups: one went to the police station to report the incident, the second ran after the robber. The children chased the attacker until then, until he disappeared in the stairwell of a condominium . Address they told police officers”, – reported in the interior Ministry.

Police held the detention of the 61-year-old felon in the apartment. Then it turned out that a local resident wanted to get funds for alcoholic beverages.

The detainee faces a charge of robbery. The maximum penalty for the offense he provides for a four-year sentence in prison.

Representatives of the regional interior Ministry also decided to encourage students, bravely fulfilled their civic duty.