French speed-test company nPerf published the results of a study of speed and quality of mobile Internet three largest operators in Ukraine, in the first place – the company “Kyivstar”, it is reported in the presentation on the website nPerf.

The study was conducted in the period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, experts nPerf cumulatively analyzed more than 23.1 per thousand tests on 2G, 3G, 4G.

The number of conventional tests network speed was 10.2 thousand, the number of tests while viewing web pages – 3.8 thousand measurements, and the number of tests while streaming is almost 3 thousand

In the network, “Kyivstar” was held 54.9 percent of the measurements in the network “Vodafone Ukraine” was 28.3%, and lifecell – only 16.8%. The percentage of success running tests on the networks of operators made up 91,95%, 91,11% and 88,05%, respectively.

According to the report nPerf, the average speed of data transfer on the network “Kyivstar” was made up of 22.76 Mbps on reception and 13,12 Mbps for transmission, while the “Vodafone Ukraine”, the figures were of 15.09 Mbps and of 7.64 Mbps, respectively, and lifecell – of 14.94 Mbps and 6.36 Mbps.

Also “Kyivstar” has achieved the best result in terms of the quality of the care – of 84.65% (compared to 82.5 from lifecell and 73.97% of the “Vodafone Ukraine”).

At the same time, the average delay in the passage of a signal leads the third largest mobile operator of Ukraine, the company lifecell – 61,65 MS. In second place here, “Kyivstar” – 62,92 MS, “Vodafone Ukraine” on the third, with the index 83,92 MS.

The results of all the tests the mobile network Kyivstar scored 56,57 thousand points, beating “Vodafone Ukraine” about 9 thousand points.

As reported, according to the nPerf, “Lanet” and “Triolan” ahead of “Kyivstar” and “Ukrtelecom” on the quality of the network in 2018.