According to the newspaper fakty, once a famous singer Laima Vaikule visited Ukraine with a view to holding a music festival, which was held in Odessa, but before that she went to Kiev, where it called for an interesting TV show, reports “Russian conversation”.

The singer was invited to participate in some show, which she was not known, and because of this and there was one unpleasant incident.

“Once, I was humiliated on one of the television. <…>A little late, and when I went in the Studio, there were already some very well-known chef showed the wonders of cooking. The presenter immediately asked me: lime, how do You feel about food? I without hesitation replied: to me it’s just fuel,” recalled the scientist.

According to the scientist, the cook was very offended when he heard this her response, and it later influenced his attitude towards it. After the transfer of the cook and invited all participants to enjoy dinner at his restaurant, but because of the resentment the singer he’s not invited.

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