Photo: ESA the ISS can be seen even the flames of the fires in Australia

The picture shows huge clouds of smoke that formed due to the burning forests of Australia.

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano, aboard the International space station (ISS), said that he and his colleagues had never seen from space such fires, both in Australia. About that Parmitano wrote on Twitter on Monday, January 13.

“Communicating with my mates, we realized that none of us has ever seen fires in such appalling scale,” said the astronaut.

Parmitano also published he made from the ISS images of the fires in Australia.They show a huge cloud of smoke that formed due to burning of forests.

We will remind, fires raging in Australia from mid-October 2019. The flames have already destroyed more than 8.5 million hectares of forest, about 3 thousand houses, more than 6 thousand of administrative buildings and outbuildings. The victims were 27 people and millions of animals.

It was also reported that in Australia, the two biggest fires in the state of New South Wales merged into one massive fire that engulfed more than 500 thousand hectares of forest.

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