the famous TV presenter of TV show “let’s get married!” Larisa Guzeeva, which
you’ll be a perky disposition and optimism, for the first time admitted that the
it is a difficult period, according to “Russian conversation”.

Scandalous and
extremely odious TV host has always had a lot of advantages. One of them was considered
the ability to cook, because Guzeeva known for its subtle best way. But this year at Easter she didn’t bake cakes and not painted

According to
Larissa, it is now the moment when the arms, and the celebration of the resurrection of Christ
note you do not want. The reason for this depressed state leading was the death of her mother, who passed away a few months ago. The star was very
close parent:

“The first
Easter without mom… can’t do anything. Exactly. Stifled tears. Soul
sick,” wrote Guzeeva on
his official page in social network “Instagram”.

The Internet tried to cheer leading, but this kind of pain simple support
decrease is impossible.

As a reminder,
previously, “Russian conversation”
reported that Larisa Guzeeva openly talked about the scandal with her husband in
the air “let’s get married!”.