Photo: Dinner is useful not later than two hours before bedtime

The connection between cancer of the breast and prostate and late meals.

Scientists from the Global health Institute in Barcelona found that the habit to eat in less than two hours before bedtime can increase the risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer. A study published in the journal International Journal of Cancer.

Experts analyzed the data about the disease 621 patients with prostate cancer and 1205 patients with breast cancer.

In addition, they gathered a control group of volunteers without cancer diseases consisting of 1321 women and 872 men who answered questions about what sleep they adhere to and when eat.

As a result, the researchers found that those who ate at least two hours before a night’s sleep, the risk of developing breast cancer was reduced by 16%, and cancer of the prostate disease by 26% compared to those who went to bed right after dinner .

Most strongly this effect was pronounced in “larks” and those who adhered to the standard recommendations for cancer prevention, for example, maintained a healthy body weight and does not abuse alcohol.

According to scientists, cancer of the breast and prostate are often associated with the activity of various hormones whose fluctuations depend on diurnal rhythms of the body.

Therefore, late meals is one of the reasons that can result in disruption of circadian rhythms, and subsequently cause cancer.

Previously, scientists have established a link between the products of high processing level and risk of cancer.