As it became known, the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation made a statement in which he noted that America is not paying attention to any international rules, is a policy of construction of the world order and acts according to the principle of “might is right”, reports “Russian Dialogue,” citing TASS.

According to the head of domestic foreign Ministry, the West, completely ignoring the Charter of the United Nations, approved at the end of the Second world war, took a course at destabilizing the situation and a “redrawing” of the world for themselves, creating a world in which “might makes right”.

“Today, distorting the past, Western politicians and propagandists want to make the public to doubt the fairness of the world order, which was approved in the UN Charter at the end of the Second world war, he said. – Embarked on undermining the existing international legal system and its replacement with a “order based on rules.” To create the order you want according to the principle “who is stronger that and the rights”, “law of the jungle”,” – said Sergey Lavrov.

This is particularly true for the US and the American perception of the history of the XX century, continued the Minister. “There still lingers the idea of “two good wars,” in which the United States provided military dominance in Western Europe and several other regions of the world, and strengthened confidence in their abilities, experienced an economic boom, became one of the world leaders”, – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia.

Lavrov also drew attention to the fact that Washington enthusiasm creates an image of a “militaristic Russia.” “But most of their own history – an example of the endless wars of conquest. In 243 years, “American exceptionalism” interventionism has become an integral element of Washington’s foreign policy, he said. – Moreover, the US political elite perceives the use of force as a natural element of “coercive diplomacy” (coercive diplomacy), designed to solve a wide range of tasks, including political”.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about the statement of the head of the national diplomatic Minister Sergei Lavrov, in which he commented on the sharp aggravation of the situation in Kosovo and explain who is really behind this.