The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, said that units of the National police and the National guard will not tolerate the anti-Ukrainian symbols and statements during the celebration of victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war on may 9 and will suppress all attempts of provocations.

“Ahead of may 9. As usual in recent times, various political forces try to use this day to that to remind myself in any way. Advocates of the Russian world in Ukraine, through their propaganda channels break up, speculating on the feelings of the people the action “immortal regiment”. Not for those who fought in the Second world war, not for the sake of historical memory – for a chance to provoke against the background of continuing aggression of Russia in the internal conflicts in the Ukrainian society”, – he wrote on his page on the social network Frisby on Saturday.

A . Avakov said that he as the Minister of internal Affairs was aware of the plans of such provocations in Kiev and several cities in the South-East of Ukraine, as well as the well-known “names and ideas of the organizers.”

“No matter the interior Ministry and its police officers and guards units to assess and even more to regulate political activity, but on all demonstrations and marches planned that day, units of the National police and the national guard will not tolerate any anti-Ukrainian symbols, neither anti-Ukrainian statements,” he said, stressing that all attempts of provocations will be stopped and “the police across the country received very clear instructions”.

“Celebrate, grieve, lay flowers and give honor is the right of every citizen of Ukraine. But to create the preconditions for internal destabilization through provocative characters and actions of the Ministry of interior will not allow,” – said the Minister.

The interior Minister stressed that all the above fully applies to the right and left radicals and standing behind them politicians.