A curious case happened on one of the popular Irish TV channels. Leading live told the Studio guests about the weather, which at that time reigned outside the window, but did not know that he would have to experience the vagaries of nature for yourself.

As reported
“Russian conversation”, a leading
weather deric Hartigan in the morning transfer to live told me
viewers and Studio guests about what kind of weather to expect for the Irish in
this day.

However, bad weather
gave him the opportunity to tell the audience about how to protect themselves from
the storm blew down on the city. In an instant, the host blew a strong gust

He soon
raised from the ground, but with a broken umbrella and broken clothes.
The incident took lead with humor, noting in his microblog,
“mother nature beat me again” .

“Russian conversation” already wrote that the shocking incident happened in
China during the weather forecast. Then lightning struck in lead in the air
in front of millions of viewers.