Leanid Zaika

When the number of deaths from infection exceeds the permissible value — they are not strong enough.

The head of the Analytical center “Strategy” Leonid Zaika believes that the coronavirus bared all available in the economy is the problem and showed the ignorance of the old politicians, “Salidarnasts”writes.

— The company saw the level of incompetence of our government, the economist said in an interview on the Primus. — Today to report on the situation in the country forced the Minister of health or his Deputy Why?

Leanid Zaika cited data according to which the consequences of the coronavirus will take about eight years.

And this is a great reason to switch to another civilization’s development. We need to end this old, stupid economy — the economist. — Forget about old problems: GDP, jobs… This doesn’t make any sense. Globalization is over, the old economy is over.

The figure that the fall in the price of oil. The expert recalled that until recently the housekeeper of gas and oil to flow. Now it’s yesterday.

Stone age had just ended. Suddenly the stones were not needed. Then coal became useless. Now oil, — says Leonid Zaika. — And how many anxieties! What eyebrows scowled, appointed woodcutters experts on oil… We have suffered since December, and now. The economy is changing, it will be intelligent. We’ve talked about this, but we didn’t listen — now listen to an objective reality.

However, not all politicians, according to the economist, will fit into this new reality.

— What I can have questions to Alexander Grigoryevich? Yes, no, — he answers to your question Leonid Zaika. Something that promised a lot? So I, too, once promised to a girl, I’ll get some roses and the bathroom will fill with champagne. But the girl was gone. Any politician needs to say something. And what you like.

However, policies must also understand what the country has opportunities and prospects, and how and where it will move, says the economist.

— The country with the ideology of alcohol and snacks will move into a pigsty and moonshine. A country where the elite understands that today’s competitive advantage may be only in the sphere of intelligence, realize new development, he explains.

However, not only Belarus now needs to rethink their priorities. Many of the elites who are in power need to go.

One doctor said: you have created a civilization where you have advanced players and models, so if you pay players millions of euros, they let you treat now and — recalls Leonid Zaika. — The time has come for a change of elites. It is necessary to drive them all. And trump and Biden, Putin and others.

Yes, these guys will hold on to power, but when the number of deaths from infection exceeds the permissible value, they are not strong enough. During these eight years can do a lot. And all these pensioners – one with good hair, no other hair, one in uniform, the other without — they are already long past. Guys, do not suffer! Your story ended. Will the new policy.