She has no respect for knowledge.

If we estimate GDP per capita, Belarus is a country with a poor population. Such a concise answer was given by the head of the analytical center “Strategy” Leanid Zaika to the question “Euroradio” about the welfare of the Belarusians.

– When they say “the country is rich or poor” — it’s theoretically wrong. If you don’t want to get an education if you don’t want to build a career, you will always be poor. But this is the interesting thing: Belarusians to this (self-development. — ed.) do not aspire to. Belarusians have no desire to be active and successful and stuff.

Zaika explains that “the village lifestyle”:

In Belarus in the year since 1970 half the population lived in the village, half in the cities. And this rural lifestyle is still promoted: the Year of the “Motherland” for example (in Belarus over the years homeland was declared 2018, 2019 and 2020. — ed.). Agrarian elite of Belarus — she actually came to power in 1994. It is a collective item at the district level. She has no respect for knowledge, it is not conducive to career dynamics of the population, — said Zaika.