Fashion historian commented on the first appearances of his colleague Andrei Bartenev, who temporarily acts as the judge of the project “Fashion verdict”.

Recently it became known that Alyaksandr Vasiliev, who in 2009 is a judge of the program “Fashion verdict”, temporarily left his post. Now fashion historian busy preparing a new exhibition of costume at the State historical Museum. Permanent employment does not prevent him to see the new editions of the project, according to “Russian conversation”.

Today Alexander commented on the first edition of the show with the participation of Bartenev. He congratulated his colleague with the debut. “I congratulate Andrey Bartenev debut in a leading role,” said fashion historian. He also reiterated that he would return to the project after eight editions .

By the way, not all fans Vasiliev liked Bartenev, who loves to experiment with style and to wear openly incongruous things. Many doubt that he can give good advice to people who are looking for your style.

“This man is a joke”, “the Horror, I wish you back”, “Looks like a parrot” – said unhappy fans. However, there were those who Bartenev liked between followers and sparked a serious discussion.