Lennox Lewis



Ex-world champion on Boxing in a super heavyweight British boxer Lennox Lewis, told what to do, the holders of the belts in modern Boxing.

Legendary British boxer, who conducted the duels in England, Ireland, Canada, USA and South Africa, said that a true champion needs to fight around the world. The geography of the fighting, according to Lewis, recognized as the greatest British boxer of living today (Lennox in the overall standings, lost only Jimmy Wilde died in 1969-m to year), helped him win the respect of the fans.

“I believe that if you are a world champion, you must fight around the world. It will make you as a fighter and as a person. You can be super popular in Britain, but came to America, realize that none of you here knows, – quotes Lewis The Sun. – It is important to fight in other places. It is a historical thing. Muhammad Ali fought in Africa, which is why I wanted to fight on this continent that in the end did . But now, where I wouldn’t have come to meet their fans. When I started to fight in America, I was often booed, I am often booed by the fans because I was British, arrived in their country. But when I began to win, they said, “Well, he’s a good Brit! It’s a well kept”. They took me as a good soldier”.

As for the rating of the best British boxers, then, according to Lewis, he is proud to be at the top of this list. “I’m honored to be considered the best British boxer from the number alive at the moment. Even just being in this ranking is a great honor. A lot of good boxers you can find in this ranking, and I’m glad that was at the top of the list.”