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The Verkhovna Rada has published the text of the draft law № 2693 of media. The bill provides for the introduction of so-called code of the media.

It was initiated by 10 people’s representatives: Alexander Tkachenko, Nikita Poturaev, Yevheniya Kravchuk, Irina Konstankevych, Alexander Kabanov, Andrey Boamah, Elizabeth Bogutskaya, Tatiana Ryabukha, Pavel Sushko Dmitry Raids and Tatyana Tsyba.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the bill should create the necessary contemporary European conditions for satisfaction of information needs of Ukrainians, the effective development of the sphere of the provision of audiovisual media services with the use of new technologies.

The main body that will oversee the media market, will be the national Council on TV and radio. This body will be responsible for registration of media, including online media. It’s how to register the media and to cancel the registration of the media, whose activities violate the law.