The plane made a hard landing and damaged the wires, resulting in left without electricity in the three villages in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The pilot was not injured.

About it reports regional Department of the Ministry, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Lugovskoe near the village of Minusinsk district, made a hard landing single light private plane, the flight Abakan-Shushenskoe. In the cockpit there was one man – the pilot”, – stated in the message.

In the accident the dead and injured there, the plane was also not damaged. Power line were damaged, the electricity is off three villages.

Without light there are towns Lugovskoe, Tagar and Znamenskoye. Energy involved in the restoration of damaged power lines.

The aircraft KP-2U SOVA landed in the marshes 20 miles South of Minusinsk. The aircraft made an unauthorized flight .

Earlier it was reported that a drunk passenger attacked the crew of the flight from Moscow to Bodrum.

It was also noted that in the Moscow region crashed light aircraft. There are dead.