The star shared a recent photo shoot. Pictured Catherine posed with her daughter Natalia.

Recently in the microblog TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva has a new picture. Star together with his daughter Natalie arranged a family photo shoot, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the comments to the photo, the presenter shared his secret to raising daughters. In her opinion, you need to support your child, trying to understand it and in any case not be ordered to do something. “If you see her (him) a person and not to humiliate cries, even when he (she) a year, two, ten, shestnadcati… you will still be able to sit on the couch and watch in the same direction,” said she.

Fans were amazed at how looks young Catherine. Many have noticed that the mother and daughter look like sisters . “You look lovely”, “Photo incredible”, “Awesome”, “What beautiful girls”, “Daughter in mom! Clever and beautiful”, “you Look just like sisters” – said subscribers.

We will note, earlier Ekaterina Andreeva has told how her daughter reacted to his stepfather. TV presenter admitted that the heiress and her spouse has developed a relationship of trust.