Photo: Marine Traffic Tanker SABIITI was previously called Sanandaj

On the tanker SABIITI, two explosions occurred at intervals of about 20 minutes. The condition of the vehicle is estimated as stable.

Iranian tanker in the Red sea, where on Friday morning, explosions occurred and a fire broke out, probably, was attacked by two missiles. On Friday, October 11, reports channel Press TV, citing a statement by the owner of the tanker – a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company.

According to the company, on the tanker SABIITI, formerly known as Sanandaj, two explosions occurred at intervals of about 20 minutes (5:00 and 5:20 local time), and their cause, it seems, became a missile attack.

The owner of the vessel said that no one was on it people were not injured, and the condition of the tanker is estimated as stable.

Earlier Friday it was reported that in the Red sea, an explosion occurred on the tanker approximately 96 km from the Saudi port of Jeddah. Experts who study the causes of the incident, did not exclude from the list of versions, the possibility of a terrorist attack.

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