Emergency happened on Board the plane followed by the flight Moscow-Bangkok. According to preliminary information, people were hurt due to falling into an air hole.

According to “Russian conversation”, injured no less
ten passengers of the liner. It is known that the age of the children affected by this
emergency not to exceed 2 years.

The channel LIFE Recalling
one of the passengers of the liner notes – at the moment all passengers who are injured visiting
doctors and provide the necessary assistance.

The witnesses showed shocking footage of the aircraft hit
the air holes. They can see the consequences of what happened – all items not
enshrined in the cabin swept to the sides of food carts kicked
content, and on the floor are traumatized people.

Witnesses reported that all the victims at the moment of stall liner
they were not wearing seat belts and were in the aisle of the plane . They were injured

In order to avoid exacerbation of the effects of the crew decided not
move them until the paramedics arrive.

After inspecting the victims were diagnosed with injuries to the head, back,
fractures of the arms, and three passengers — suspected compression fracture