General producer at Lithuanian national radio and television Audrius Girzadas appealed to the European broadcasting Union for clarification in connection with the loss in the finals of the “Eurovision – 2019” Uriza Veklenko. It is reported by “TV”, reports “Russian conversation”.

As you know, representative of Lithuania at the International music contest “Eurovision – 2019” Jurijus Veklenko lacked only one point to advance to the final stage of the show.

According to estimates by the Italian broadcaster RAI, said in a statement, the audience of Italy was awarded the Lithuanian artist the one missing the point, so Veklenko had to take part in the finals.

Recall that the actress Verka Serduchka, Danilko, was the special guest of the final of “Eurovision – 2019”, held in Israeli tel Aviv.

In addition, the singer Vika Tsyganova said that the musical project “Eurovision” – “this gay parade,” which shames Russia.

As previously reported, Diana turned to the Eurovision fans angered by Madonna’s performance.