Photo: Live journal has published a new user agreement

In the user agreement have made hard changes.

From April 4 blogohostinga LiveJournal introduced a new user agreement. To continue to use the service, bloggers must accept it, according to Medusa.

Among the main changes is a ban on placement of political campaign blogs. In this case, apparently, the prohibition does not apply to non-political advertising: in paragraph 12.4 refers to “the placement of the user content advertising” without specifying that it violates the rules.

Under the new agreement, users cannot register on behalf of another person and to “introduce confusion as to its identity or its relations with other persons”. Responsibility for comments and are the commenter and the author of the diary, in which he was placed .

Also the document prohibits to register persons under 14 years of age and warns that blogs with an audience of more than three thousand users per day fall under the requirements of the “law on bloggers”.

In addition, if the diary has been inactive for six months, it can be removed.

Recall that in 2009, Ukraine entered the top five leading countries by the number of accounts in LJ.

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