The team of jürgen Klopp’s charges confidently beat Mauricio Pochettino.

Yesterday, June 1, at the Madrid Metropolitan Wanda walked home match of the club season – the Champions League final, where they met London Tottenham and Liverpool.

This week is unique in the football, for the first time in two prestigious European competition playing teams from the same country. Recall that in the Europa League final Chelsea defeated Arsenal with a score of 4:1.

Before the meeting, interest in the match fueled by the fact that the coach “red” Jurgen Klopp was a series of six defeats in Cup finals matches! The last time the German in the final was still won with Borussia Dortmund. Then he’s in the 2011/12 season in the final of the German Cup beat Bayern with the score 5:2.

Mauricio Pochettino in his coaching career in General, titles are not won. Of course, for him it served as a great motivation to take the first title in his career, Yes, and how! The Champions League! Among other things, was surprised by the fact that the recent acquisition of “the spurs” did a year and a half ago! In the winter season-2017/18, then Tottenham bought Lucas Mouro. Note that Liverpool last won the trophy in 2012, and their opponents even earlier – in 2008. Interestingly, in the first and in the second case it was the English League Cup.

The team approached the match in different employment situations: the “Lily-white” has just recovered from injury, the main striker Harry Kane, and the “red” just couldn’t play Nabi Keita, and also in not optimal shape was Roberto Firmino.

If to speak about the way to the final: Tottenham in the group stage managed to get the group rivalry with Barcelona, inter and PSV. Despite the fact that in the first three matches of the six spurs have picked up just 1 point, and in the last round of inter unexpectedly failed to beat PSV (who’s five games produced only one point), and the Tottenham snatched a draw with Barcelona and with an equal number of points the Brits are ahead of inter.

In the playoffs the spurs passed the Dortmund (3:0 and 1:0), the future Champions of the Premier League man city (1:0 and 3:4 in Manchester) and Ajax (0:1 in the first match, 3:2, losing 0:2 in the second).

Liverpool also came from the second place with equal points with a competitor. In the group with PSG, Napoli and red Star team Klopp won against PSG (3:2), but lost Tsrvena zvezde (0:2). Everything was decided in the last round, in which “red” in an internal meeting against Napoli won 1-0 and rightfully took their place in the 1/8 finals.

There was a beat Bayern (0:0 and 3:1), Porto (2:0 and 4:1), and in the semi-final Barcelona (defeat 0:3 in Barcelona and 4-0 at Anfield).

Mauricio Pochettino went into the match with a 4-2-3-1 alignment, and jürgen Klopp decided to put a 4-3-3 formation.

Referee – Damir Skomina (Slovenia).

Before the final match in front of an audience were a famous rock group Imagine Dragons, which, obviously, charged the audience and the players on the energetic match, and then to the absolute emotional charge brought the song AC/DC.

No sooner had the match begun, as already on the 25-th second Slovenian referee points to the 11-meter point: Sadio mane, while within the penalty area, played the pitch and hit the hand of Moussa Sissoko, who actively tried to show something to their partners. The penalty was quite controversial, because at first the ball hit in the chest. However, the referee was adamant.

The sentence volunteered to perform Mohamed Salah, who decided not to reinvent the wheel and struck the center of power, while Hugo Lloris jumped into the corner – 0:1.

The reaction of the Tottenham players on the situation were mixed. Spurs did not rush headlong forward, hoping to quickly recoup, although, for sure, was expecting their opponent. It is worth noting that the Reds throughout the first half of the game actively pressed Londoners, not allowing them to play the ball even in his penalty area.

Overall, after a goal scored, we saw one dangerous moment, and that in the performance of the nominal guests: Robertson has issued a solo run 50 meters, close to the penalty area and shot under the crossbar, but Lloris fingertips pulled the kick.

Also one of the interesting moments was getting into a technical area Russian cheerleaders, however, that the staff of the stadium quickly took off.

In the second half much more active began to play the team from the capital: first, Kane gave a cool cross (almost the only memorable action in the match) on the left side into the penalty area, but it was not ready neither opponents nor his teammates. Then there was a moment at the Case of alli, which after the turmoil in the penalty area bounced the ball and it from 11 meters and tried to shoot the defense out of place.

Spurs tried to find a gap in the defense by split gears, but van Dijk managed to block son Heung-min, or transfer followed too strong. But the “scousers” was a good point to be different: substitute the 33-year-old James Milner to the near corner punched the bottom of the front border, another free kick from the defender and missed the ball with stanoi, and Hugo Lloris did not even flinch, did not see the moment the Frenchman.

Then the reaction began to show Alisson, justifying paid for it to 62.5 million euros: first, Becker lost the strike son Heung-min from outside the penalty area, and after a few seconds already made a wonder save after a shot from 10 meters from Harry Kane. Note that also the moment was in Fact Allie, who from outside the box sent the crossbar.

After that, the Brazilian is once again rescued the team: Milner hit rose right in front of foul line from the left flank, the ball went Christian Eriksen. The Dane, who is a staff by the standards of Tottenham, in the far top corner spun ball, but Alisson stretched and pulled high kick.

In the 87th minute of the match, one of the heroes of the semifinal clash with Barcelona divock Origi put a point in this match: after a corner-kick round bounced right to the Belgian and he drove it into the far corner kick low shot – 0:2.

Thus, it is really spectacular and crazy Champions League season-2018/19 ended with the victory of Liverpool Jurgen Klopp, who ended his series of failed finals and was able to bring the first Cup to the Champions League “Reds” from the final of the Istanbul final of 2005, when the British narrowly won this trophy. Interestingly, this year without a miracle happened, and it happened at the semifinal stage.

Tottenham — Liverpool 0:2
Goals: Salah 2 (pen.), Origi, 87

Tottenham: Lloris — Trippier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose — Sissoko (Dyer 74), Winks (Lucas Moura, 66) — Alli (Llorente, 82), Eriksen, Son — Kane.

Liverpool: Alisson — Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dyck, Robertson Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum (Milner 62) — Salah, Roberto Firmino (Origi, 58), Manet (Gomez 89).

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