Loans under the State program of support for livestock on 4 billion UAH in 2018 will be reduced to 3-4% per annum reported in interview to Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the first Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Maxim Martyniuk.

“The government will offset the cost of loans raised for the construction and reconstruction of livestock complexes. For business price of the loan should be 3-4% per annum,” he said.

The first Deputy Minister said that the maximum loan amount that can be paid to the company under the program of support to the livestock sector for the construction and reconstruction of the farm, may be limited to UAH 150 million.

To participate in the program, the government will select about 10 banks.

“We know that financial institutions fine print can enter hidden fees, penalties, etc. so the borrower is 3-4% will pay more than you would pay on ordinary credit raised without government assistance . It should not be, the government and banks should play as actuated the orchestra,” – said the first Deputy Minister of agrarian policy.

According to M. Martyniuk, now orders the distribution of funds for programs to support farmers developing the Ministry of agrarian policy jointly with the Ministry of economic development and trade.

As reported, the total amount of state support to agriculture in the budget for 2018 will reach 7.3 billion against UAH 6,3 billion in 2017.

State aid as allocated UAH 4 billion to support livestock production, 945 million UAH for the program a 20% compensation to farmers the value of Ukrainian agricultural machinery 1 billion – to support farmers.

Additionally, there are 300 million UAH for the program of support of development of hop growing and the laying of new orchards, vineyards, berry-fields and care for them. For a program to reduce the cost of loans will allocate 66 million UAH, expenses of the Agrarian Fund for the storage, transportation, processing and exports from the intervention Fund – 52 million.

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