The famous singer explained how it intends to protect his family, which is located in Kiev.

Lolita commented on the decision of the SBU to prohibit her entry into the territory of Ukraine in his recent interview in the broadcast transmission on the channel “NTV”. Celebrity believes that her mother and daughter, who are in Kiev, in need of personal protection, according to “Russian conversation”.

After the news that the singer was thrown out of the trains to Kiev, the journalists often appeared near the entrance where there live its relatives. Also, reporters are literally besieged school, where he studied her daughter. Lolita is not like that to her family by the representatives of the media showed so much attention, so hired for moms and daughters of eve security.

“I wasn’t going to do it until now. But I took my family protection,” said the celebrity .

Also, according to her, three years ago her mother was brutally beaten. A woman who was returning home with her granddaughter, was hit on the head, then finished off his feet. It is noteworthy that the attackers did not take anything from personal belongings women. Later the doctors diagnosed her with a concussion.

Earlier, she denied rumors that her daughter Eva was diagnosed with “autism”.