Appropriate post she published on his page in Instagram, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Not fired! We all suffer! – it
the phrase I most often heard during the two day concerts for indigenous
residents of Lugansk and Donetsk. What can I say… what I said the usual
people moved about adversity, scared to repeat.. But there is one important to
my conclusion: what I thought were problems of their life, not worth the minute,
held under fire,” – shared the singer.

In another video posted earlier, Lolita showed
the record from the city of Debaltsevo, and also left underneath the comment: “Below
to assess the condition of a peaceful life, you have to watch the footage. This is the famous
Debaltseve, which killed a lot of people. <…> Now everything is quiet, peaceful,
all in green, but the house still somehow patched, broken Windows”.

Previously the husband of Lolita
declassified the real reason of the divorce with the actress.

Also Malakhov told about the mysterious video that he sent the former husband of the singer before parting with her.