Now the draft decree on the transfer of public holidays Commission on regulation of social-labor relations, reports “Russian conversation”.

The labour code defines non-working holidays 1 January 6 New year plus 7 and 8 of January for Christmas.

In recent years, the Russians indulged prolonged holidays due to the 30 and 31 December. In 2017 and is lucky these days falls on a weekend, and automatically joined the celebrations, giving us a few extra moments to prepare for the celebrations or the possibility to extend the journey. And in 2018, the Sabbath day on December 29 made a working, moving the holiday on 31 December.

However, the coming year, so the products are presented – 30 and 31 December, Monday and Tuesday will work.

Earlier in the Fes reminded that due to the upcoming heat, employers can reduce the number of hours in the office.