Andrei vtyurin was given a plot in 2011.

In the case of the Deputy Secretary of the security Council and former head of security for Lukashenka , Andrei Vtyurin criminal case.

In such situations, the security forces seized the suspects ‘ property to relatives did not have time to sell, according to

Andrei vtyurin in 2011, he received land on the street Palm in “the invaders-2” – residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Minsk, where Lukashenka lives item.

Across from him lives the head of “Belaya Rus” Gennady Davydkoon the sides – the head of “the Union”, former Deputy Prime Minister Valery Ivanov and artist Vladimir Zinkevich.

However, vtyurin not yet managed to finish their home on their 15 acres. Unknown, will he be able to do this in the coming years.

Recall that the KGB arrested Andrei Vtyurin a week ago. According to unofficial data, a criminal case on the fact of bribery.

According to the blogger NEXTA, we are talking about the amount of 150 thousand dollars.

As reported by “Nasha Niva” with reference to reliable sources, penthouse high-ranking security officer in Drazdy-2 sealed.

The press service of the KGB on the question of whether the detained vtyurin, the journalist of “Euroradio” replied: “No comment.”

The publication drew attention to the fact that the son Vtyurin Anton has deleted his Twitter account after the news about the arrest of his father.